Q) How long can I have the hire?

A) We know that parties and functions can vary in length of time, so we are very flexible with the length of the hire. We do not have a fixed amount of time that the hires are set up for, however we do have an overnight fee. You are required to set a time for delivery and pick up, and we will endeavour to meet those times as close as possible.

We we will consider any collection times after 8pm as an overnight hire.

Q) Can we customise our own packages?

A) Absolutely! Variety is the spice of life. Depending on availability we can put together any combination of inflatable games and sumo suits! If you hire a combo of 2 or more items, you will enjoy a 15% discount too.

 Q) Are your games safe?

A) They sure are. Our inflatable games have all been inspected by engineers and approved by Worksafe WA. We are also covered by a wonderful insurance company for $20M in public liability.

Our Sumo Suits are the best in Perth. They come from a quality manufacturer overseas and are extremely well padded. Our mats are more than big enough to take those big hits.

 Q) What surfaces can they be set up on?

A) They can be set up on most surfaces, so long as there is nothing that may cause damage to the games. We always advise for you to put the ground type in your booking form, so we can arrange the correct securing devices.

 Q) Can I set up in a public park?

A) Depending on the local council, but for a majority of the time, Yes you can. Some councils may ask for a small fee, particularly if you require the use of their power. And most will ask if the service provider (Us in this case) have public liability insurance, which you can confidently say, YES.

 Q) Do you supply power of a generator?

A) Unfortunately at this stage, we do not. If you do require a generator, we suggest contacting Coates Hire.

You will need at a minimum a 4kVa generator if you are running 1 inflatable game. If you are running 2, we recommend 6kVa generator. (Just make sure you ask for a little extra fuel)

 Q) Can we set up in the rain?

A) Good question, yes we can set up the inflatable games in (light) rain so long as the blower is protected from the rain. If the wind is blowing a little too hard, we will advise that it should be turned off and deflated as soon as possible. We will provide you with a guide on when it is too windy. If the inflatable game does stay up in the rain, we ask that you keep it inflated until we arrive and pack it away, so it can have some time to dry itself out.

The Sumo Suits are a different story. Due to the fact that they contain cloth and foam, if they do get wet, they will become unusable and sadly will have to be thrown away. In the unlikely event that this does happen, we may be obliged to keep you bond. If you are expecting rain, we recommend the set up indoors.

 Q) If it’s a hot day, are we allowed to wet the Inflatable Games?

A) Yes, that is fine, again so long as the blower does not get wet and the game is left inflated to allow time to dry off.

We must remind you though, that the sumo suits or mat’s must not be wet.

 Q) How long does it take to set up?

A) The Sumo Suits are very easy and very quick. Our mats are rolled up and simply need to only be unrolled and unfolded to set up. The Sumo Suits themselves are like a big padded set of overalls. They do not need any blowing or inflation, you just need to put them on and start enjoying them.

The inflatable games take slightly longer. The average set up will depend on the location of the hire and the type and number of games you have selected. Typically however, the set up times can range from 30mins to 1 hour.

 Q) Do you hire to corporate events?

A) We sure do! We have been known to help out numerous companies.

 Q) Can we pick up or do they need to be delivered?

A) The Sumo Suits can be picked up or delivered. If you do wish to pick them up, we do recommend a medium to large vehicle such as a station wagon, SUV, ute or van. Alternatively you can have them delivered (a fee will apply) The inflatable games though, cannot be picked up. We take safety very seriously when setting up our inflatable games, and as such we insist on delivering (for free) and setting up the inflatable games ourselves.

 Q) Do you support local charities, youth groups or community events?

A) We are proud supporters of a number of different youth groups, churches, child care centres and community groups. AND we are very happy to say that we are regular vendors to many of these groups. Over the course of the years we have built strong lasting relationships with these groups, and we would love to build them with your group too! Call us to see how we can help you.

 Q) What is your bond policy?

A) Please follow this link for the bond refund policy, but basically we do require a $200 bond for the hire. If our beloved games or Sumo Suits are returned damaged out side of normal wear and tear, we may be required to keep a portion or all of the bond to cover the cost of repairs.

 Q) What kind of policies do you have?

A) We have a Bond Policy, Refund Policy, and our Terms and Conditions.

 Q) How can we pay?

A) We accept internet transfer, cash on delivery or EFTPOS.


Q) How can we book?

A) We ask that you book online through our online booking form. This ensures that you are able to book the equipment you like and then marks it as “sorry-hired out”. Please note that when booking online, we don’t take payment or bond at this time. You will receive an email (please also check your junk mail) with payment details.



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